Sunday, February 10, 2008

An experience with Ganeshdasji Baba: A Rajasthani mystic

After finishing my music practice for the day, I listened to a discussion between the two elderly musicians who had come to visit us. The first person, now in his eighties, narrated details of a mahatma he had once met, named Ganeshdasji Baba.

The story begins with our narrator visiting the mystic when he was a young boy. As soon as he reached the mahatma’s tiny premises, he saw a group of 3-4 disciples standing near a blanket; they all stood encircling it. To their surprise, the blanket was moving – it was vigorously shaking. One of the disciples reasonably grasped that there was a small animal inside the blanket and picked up a stick to beat the being trapped in the blanket. However, before he could strike, one of his friends advised him against doing so, “The blanket belongs to our guru and it would be immoral to strike it.” So they decided to wait for the animal to voluntarily slip out from beneath the blanket.

As they waited, Babaji came back from his bath. Before he picked up the blanket, his students cautioned him, “There is an animal inside.” Babaji smiled. He gently picked up the blanket and covered his body with it. There was no creature under it. Babaji sensed what had happened and said, “Oh, I am sick. I had placed my illness in the blanket so that I could go for a bath. This negative energy was shaking the blanket. Now that I am done with my morning routines, I will wear the blanket again – along with the negative energy.” The students were shocked. After a minute, one of them muttered, “When you can forsake your fever, why are you accepting it now?” “Spiritual powers are not for our own bodily pleasures. Getting sick is a part of owning a human body. Once my karma gets over itself, the sickness will leave on its own,” replied the mystic.

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siddhartha said...

Nice anecdote, I've heard it before, and it sounds uplifting each time.

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